Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saintly Scholars

Now that school is out for summer break, I plan to catch up on all the exciting things that happened in ACES during the 4th quarter of the school year. It gets crazy with assessments schedules, spring break, etc.

I wanted to take a chance to recognize a few very dedicated 2nd grade ACES. These students worked diligently on their Saintly Scholar's Challenges throughout the year.

This little girl learned ALL 50 states and capitals and recited them to me in a matter of minutes. She also learned all the presidents of the United States in order - ten presidents at a time. Can you say AMAZING!!!!

This fine young man probably wins the award for the most visits to my classroom before the 7:55 bell! He completed a variety of challenges including knowing all the mysteries of the rosary. He also had the great strategy of organizing his answers to his challenges into manageable groups and even sometimes the answers were alphabetized. Great work young man!
The next gentlemen worked through a variety of challenges and knew them well when it was time to recite them from memory to show mastery!
The last 2nd grader I would like to mention is Jacob! Unfortunately I don't have a photo of his saint. Jacob also completed a variety of challenges and no doubt could show mastery of the challenges he completed.

*The numbers on their trophies don't necessarily show the final number of challenges that were completed by these ACES. These pictures were taken a month or so before the last day of school!