Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pick and Draw

I was reading a great blog written by a homeschooling mom. She mentioned a game called Pick and Draw developed by children's book illustrator Rich Davis. He developed the game so that he can teach children about drawing. Rich Davis says, "Your ability to create is a gift from God."

I ordered Pick and Draw for my family. We received the game during Spring Break week. My children loved it! I decided it would be fun to share it with the ACES. I ordered the game from Rich Davis also has a blog where he shares ideas for drawing that can be found at

The following pictures were created by the 5th and 6th grade ACES. Before we started drawing, several of the students said that they didn't consider themselves artistic. When we were finished they were impressed with how well they created a character. After the drawing was finished, the ACES named their creation and decided what the character was good at and what kind of music the character enjoys. From start to finish, including naming the character, etc., we spent ten minutes on these creations. The ACES could have spent much more time and were very curious about where to find one of these games for themselves!

Name: Can Bob
Likes: Rolling and Eating
Music: Rock and Roll

Name: Boom Boom Chaka Waka
Music: Retro Hip Hop

Name: B.J. McDonald
Likes: driving his go-cart, jumping, and ice cream
Music: Jazz

Name: Mr. Bean
Likes: bean-eating contests and singing about beans
Music: Rap

Name: Billy Bob
Likes: dancing
Music: Rap

Name: Lars Mars
Likes: making people laugh
Talents: pulling pranks
Music Genre: classical