Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank You Dr. Kannarr!!!

Dr. Kannarr visited the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade ACES for a cow's eye dissection!

First up were the 5th/6th graders. When planning the dissection, Dr. Kannarr and I were going to be the ones actually working our way through the eyes and the ACES would be spectators. Well . . . Dr. Kannarr came with enough cow's eyes, gloves, trays, chewing gum, and blades for the students to work in pairs and do their own dissection. Such a great opportunity!

A few days later, Dr. Kannarr returned for round 2 with the 3rd/4th graders. We recruited the help of some of our 5th grade ACES to lead the younger students through their dissection. It was great to watch the 5th graders recall all they had learned from Dr. Kannarr! I think we just may have some future opthamologists or surgeons in our midst!

Click HERE to link to a site that we used to prepare in advance of the dissection. It has lots of great information and I'm sure your super scientist would love to tell you all about the parts of the cow's eye!

ThAnK yOu DR. KANNARR for this fantastic learning opportunity!